Spring in the City / Cherry Blossoms

Love this time of year. It's become a ritual to go and shoot the Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura, every Spring in High Park with the rest of the city. Mixed it up a little bit this year. Here's what I saw.

Cool Flower Toronto

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Petals

Alliteration is best. So are flowers for shooting subjects. Here are a collection of photos that I've shot this spring of, well, flowers. Real men photograph plants. Enjoy!

Fuck Yeah, It’s Spring

Spring is here. I'm calling it. Hell, the Cherry Blossoms are calling it. We went for a walk around Toronto yesterday to check out how spring is taking over. Here are a few snaps from what we saw. —RYAN BOLTON

Cherry Blossoms in High Park No. 9

The Cherry Blossoms

High Park's Cherry Blossoms are here. In full bloom. And so are the huge crowds to take them all in. Katie, Hank and I headed out today and took them in alongside the hordes of photogs. Beauty day. Beauty trees. Beauty all around. —RYAN BOLTON

Pretty girl, toronto, high park

The High (Park) Life

With a sun-drenched weekend comes some time in the park, of course. Accordingly, we headed to High Park this weekend to chill out with some sassy geese. And sun. —RYAN BOLTON