A Portrait of 2015: Friends, Bandits and Rock Stars

It's become a tradition. For the last few years I've posted my favourite portraits of that respective year. Like 2014. And 2013. This year got gnarly. To be paid for photo gigs now was the biggest difference of 2015. As the teens say, blessed. But seriously, I fucking love to shoot. Here are some of … Continue reading A Portrait of 2015: Friends, Bandits and Rock Stars

Perfect couple

A Day to Remember: Marcel & Esperanza

Marcel was my first friend. No shit. We were 5 and became friends on the first day of kindergarten. And now he's married to one of the most beautiful, artistic, friendly and compassionate women I know. They invited us and 60 of our closest friends down to Manzanillo, Mexico (Esperanza is from Colima, Mexico about … Continue reading A Day to Remember: Marcel & Esperanza

Mowbray and his Hat

My Friends + Family

I wanted to mix things up a bit. As such, here are some of my favourite portraits of my closest friends and family over the past year. They're all beauts. Cheers to you all, friends. —RYAN BOLTON

#Summerfolk 10


Some miscellaneous shots from the weekend camping at Summerfolk Festival. A little snapshot to capture an event, minus the music. —RYAN BOLTON

The Holiday Portraits

I brought my camera home for the holidays. People smiled. Good times were had. I took some pictures. Click to enlarge below. You know you want to. Look at those attractive models. —RYAN BOLTON