G20: A Year Later Solution

It has been one year since Toronto's day of shit (aka. the G20). While I was there reporting on the full week, the day of protests was, as I argued then and hold to today, despicable on both the police's ineptitude and the black bloc's feverish cowardice. Upset and dumbfounded, I wrote this half-serious, half-snarky … Continue reading G20: A Year Later Solution

Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer

by RYAN BOLTON I am pretty much at a loss at this point. And so are you, I infer. There are numerous factors at play here: 1) exhaustion 2) confusion 3) a lack of focus 4) more of the same 5) hashtag fail. Common elements in many an election, sure, but this one in particular. … Continue reading Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer