How Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer

In early May of 2011, I posted my first photo to Instagram. It was a shot of my then-girlfriend-now-wife, sun-drenched, waiting for the streetcar. In truth, a typical shot for any Torontonian waiting for the lacklustre TTC. That photo hasn't received any likes. I'm not sure how many people followed me at that point. Probably null, … Continue reading How Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer

Hank x Instagram

As I grow as a photographer, one of my favourite models grows. That's Hank. My Welsh Terrier. Here are some of my favourite shots of him over the past 4 years via Instagram.

Project Capture the CN Tower

A year and a half ago I published a widely viewed piece on my various captures of the CN Tower. It was even Freshly Pressed by WordPress. I have an update on that. Lots more shots that I've been taking from various angles and parts of the city capturing the CN Tower with Instagram. Click … Continue reading Project Capture the CN Tower


Some of my favourite photos via Instagram filters in the last couple months, because why the hell not? Enjoy!—RYAN BOLTON

PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

Living in downtown Toronto comes with its perks, indeed. One of those advantages is having solid vantage points for shooting Toronto's iconic phallic symbol: the CN Tower. Over the past couple years, only using my iPhone and some Instagram filters, I have been taking various shots of the CN Tower, much to the chagrin of some of … Continue reading PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)

Quickly apparent on this website, I like photography. Adore even. Maybe not quite as apparent, but I also enjoy Instagram. (Who doesn't?) Anyway, here's a collection of some of my favourite shots as of late from all over the place. There's no common thread with location, style or perspective for any of these shots, save for Instagram … Continue reading My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)

New York City via Instagram

A look at New York City through the lens of Instagram. As easy as that. Click on a photo to open in lightbox. Enjoy. To see more of my photos on the ever-so-addictive Instagram, go here.

Instagram Shots from Around the World

Here are some shots that I've taken from trips all over, with a slight touch of Instagram, that addictive little weasel. Click to expand. See more here.

The Ecuador Photos. Kinda.

I just returned from Ecuador. I was there for three weeks, this time with a group of students from a Toronto independent school, in a rural community high in the Andes called La Pompa. We were breaking the ground on a new water system that would bring water from a natural spring to the local … Continue reading The Ecuador Photos. Kinda.