K’naan / James McMorrow / Coldplay

I've been covering a lot of concerts recently. Insert giant happy face emoticon. There's something about the rawness of shows that I'm drawn to. It's so much more of a personal correspondence with the musician and the crowd. As you're obviously aware. Anyway, here are some reviews (with stellar blogTO photography) on some recent shows. … Continue reading K’naan / James McMorrow / Coldplay

Dear Asshole Bike Thief

What a dick move. Really, you steal bikes for a living? I mean, that's what you do on the streets of Toronto? Well that and shoot a tremendous amount of narcotics. Mighty fine of you, asshole bike thief. Congratulations are also in order for making me walk home—forlorn—dark at night. The thing is, that bike … Continue reading Dear Asshole Bike Thief