Finding Happiness: Photographing Demi Lovato in Kenya

There are some phone calls that change everything. Call them opportunities. Call them salutes to adventure. Call them once in a lifetime. Call them life-changing. Late last year, Me to We called me (love you, David) to come and shoot a special guest in Kenya. I was intrigued. When they let me knew it was … Continue reading Finding Happiness: Photographing Demi Lovato in Kenya

Faces From Around the World

I've been blessed to meet people from around the world. China. Kenya. Mexico. All the hell over Canada. Cuba. Ghana. Ecuador. Here are some candid portraits I've taken of the people I've met on my travels. So far.

My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)

Quickly apparent on this website, I like photography. Adore even. Maybe not quite as apparent, but I also enjoy Instagram. (Who doesn't?) Anyway, here's a collection of some of my favourite shots as of late from all over the place. There's no common thread with location, style or perspective for any of these shots, save for Instagram … Continue reading My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)