Inside Cambodia: A Photo Adventure From Angkor Wat to the Countryside

There was so much to see from crowded tuk-tuk rides in the Phnom Penh to the crystal clear beaches of Sihanoukville to the tourist go-to and exploring Angkor Wat at sunrise. That was unbelievable. Then there was the lush countryside with warm locals and hidden waterfalls. Cambodia has it all.

A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

About a month ago, I spent 4 days in 4 provinces. It was wild. And awesome. I was on a work shoot to give away huge prize bundles to couples that had won regional prizes in Canada's Luckiest Baby. You can watch how we made some people very happy before the holidays. I helped film … Continue reading A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

Toronto x Night

I was finally able to get my paws on a Canon 5D Mark ii. Beyond pumped. Here are some of my first shots using it. Back out onto the streets shooting from Front and Bathurst area in Toronto. Lots of open exposure around 8-10 seconds. Cheers.