Karena Evans, Director, Popp Rok (Photo by Ryan Bolton)

The Power of Creative Collectives: (Printed in Applied Arts magazine)

Back in 1976, on a stoop in Staten Island’s projects, a collaboration was born between two eight-year-old cousins. With breakdancing and freestyling finding its footing in New York City, the group grew by adding varied musical artists and friends. Selling marijuana on the side, they would produce their work in dark basements, nightly. Fast forward … Continue reading The Power of Creative Collectives: (Printed in Applied Arts magazine)

Spacing: The Storefront

The following is a profile that was recently published in Spacing magazine's, Hunger City issue. by RYAN BOLTON The building was a 1960s police station. Inside the drab, brown brick bungalow surrounded by a six-foot chain fence, cell bars held petty thieves and drug dealers overnight. The cold, white concrete brick interior wasn’t built for … Continue reading Spacing: The Storefront

The Death of Music Criticism

by RYAN BOLTON Read this: “Guitars submarined by wild-angled synths, off-kilter beats tripping up big ballads. A few songs have the old leather-jacket kick, but things get weirder as he explores alienation from a Lower East Side he once ruled.” So that’s a direct quote from a recent review of Phrazes for the Young, the first … Continue reading The Death of Music Criticism