Finding Happiness: Photographing Demi Lovato in Kenya

There are some phone calls that change everything. Call them opportunities. Call them salutes to adventure. Call them once in a lifetime. Call them life-changing. Late last year, Me to We called me (love you, David) to come and shoot a special guest in Kenya. I was intrigued. When they let me knew it was … Continue reading Finding Happiness: Photographing Demi Lovato in Kenya

We Day: A Behind-the-Scenes Day with Gord Downie, Macklemore and 20,000 World-changers

We Day is all about the moments. We day is about the movement. We Day is a collection of youth from around the world that are actually making a positive change in the world. And the epicenter is We Day Toronto. For those that know me, I worked as a book editor, and, eventually, as creative director … Continue reading We Day: A Behind-the-Scenes Day with Gord Downie, Macklemore and 20,000 World-changers

Kids of Ghana 5

More Kids From Asemkow. More Smiles.

It has been two weeks since I returned from Ghana. And I miss it more with every passing day. It's always this way, alas. With the warm reception of the first collection of portraits of the Kids of Asemkow (thanks again for Freshly Pressing, WordPress), I wanted to do a follow-up post with another collection … Continue reading More Kids From Asemkow. More Smiles.

Elder in Ghana

The Elders

Albeit I was mainly shooting the youth in Ghana, I did take some shots of the village elders as well. Their faces tell many stories, so I'll let them do the storytelling here.

Ghana Kids 9

The Kids of Asemkow

The kids in Ghana are full of life. In all of my travels, they are some of the most happiest, proud and beautiful kids I've ever met. And they love to have their photos taken as you will quickly see. I just returned from a 2 week stint photographing with Me to We in small … Continue reading The Kids of Asemkow

Faces of Ghana 7

The Faces of Ghana

I'm returning to Ghana after being there nearly seven years ago. It was my first trip to Africa. Hell, that was my first time leaving North America. Since then, I've been around the world—China, Ecuador, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, etc. I'm going back this time as a photographer for Me to We, and couldn't be more thrilled. … Continue reading The Faces of Ghana

The Generation of Me

Here's a piece I wrote a couple years back, but still resonates methinks. We are currently weathering an epidemic. Sure, we have the recession. And yeah, AIDS is still horrifically pervasive. But I’m talking about you, me, her, them. Us. Also known, let’s call it, as the Generation of Me. I’m not going to barrage … Continue reading The Generation of Me

Laughing in China

The following is an article I published with Free The Children on my time building a school in rural China. By RYAN BOLTON Abing was 9 when they cracked her chest open. It was a necessary surgery that just about didn’t happen. Raised in rural China, in a small, agricultural village called Waer, Abing’s parents … Continue reading Laughing in China

Portraits of China

I just returned, er, 10 hours ago from rural China. I was there facilitating a trip with Me to We with a bunch of students from lovely British Columbia to do some school-building. Before I write a full length piece, I'll let some of my photography do the talking. It's easier on all of us, … Continue reading Portraits of China