In The Review Mirror: Diamond Rings’ ‘Free Dimensional’

After only two albums, Diamond Rings (John O'Regan) has carved out a distinctive sound: melodic, catchy as all hell, emotive throwback '80s electro-pop. And O'Regan owns it with his follow-up to 2010's breakthrough, Special Affections. Having recently dropped Free Dimensional, his latest effort away from the homestead with the still-active D'Urbervilles, the gauzy synths, earworm guitar riffs, and that unmistakable … Continue reading In The Review Mirror: Diamond Rings’ ‘Free Dimensional’

The Death of Music Criticism

by RYAN BOLTON Read this: “Guitars submarined by wild-angled synths, off-kilter beats tripping up big ballads. A few songs have the old leather-jacket kick, but things get weirder as he explores alienation from a Lower East Side he once ruled.” So that’s a direct quote from a recent review of Phrazes for the Young, the first … Continue reading The Death of Music Criticism