The Great Shave

So, we, sadly, shaved off our lip sweaters. During this dire and deeply tragic time, we at work decided to film the horror. (We actually played The Beatles' "Oh Darling" during the taping. Method, you know.) Losing one's mo after tirelessly harvesting it for a full month is a tragic defeat. Thus, we have the … Continue reading The Great Shave

Me and my mustache

I just had the following piece published in Sharp magazine, Canada's Magazine for Men. It's a piece that has a little personal weight behind it. by RYAN BOLTON I have something growing on my face. It's a slow growth. Not painful mind you, mainly scratchy. And when having a discussion with someone, I can typically … Continue reading Me and my mustache

Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer

by RYAN BOLTON I am pretty much at a loss at this point. And so are you, I infer. There are numerous factors at play here: 1) exhaustion 2) confusion 3) a lack of focus 4) more of the same 5) hashtag fail. Common elements in many an election, sure, but this one in particular. … Continue reading Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer

Me and my mustache

Dear reader, I’m currently growing a lip critter. Aka. a mustache. And it’s coming along nicely, thank you. I’m growing the lip caterpillar for Movember, of course. Movemeber, if you’re unaware, is using the month of November for men to grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s depression and cancer, namely prostate cancer. And … Continue reading Me and my mustache