We Went Chasing Waterfalls

Hamilton, according to some, is the Waterfall Capital of the World. It does call 120 separate waterfalls home. The lady and I have been going to explore them as of late. Here are Webster's Falls and Tews Falls. The latter is only a few meters shorter than Niagara Falls, minus the tacky tourist traps.

Cool Flower Toronto

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Petals

Alliteration is best. So are flowers for shooting subjects. Here are a collection of photos that I've shot this spring of, well, flowers. Real men photograph plants. Enjoy!

Cherry Blossoms in High Park No. 9

The Cherry Blossoms

High Park's Cherry Blossoms are here. In full bloom. And so are the huge crowds to take them all in. Katie, Hank and I headed out today and took them in alongside the hordes of photogs. Beauty day. Beauty trees. Beauty all around. —RYAN BOLTON

Cliff Jumping, Naturally

A Weekend on Cyprus Lake

My best friends and I headed up to Tobermory this past weekend. (A good five hour drive from Toronto.) We camped out in my friends '70s van, as you do, on Cyprus Lake. It's a beaut. Anyway, we went for a hike or two and below is some of what we saw. Including that squirrel … Continue reading A Weekend on Cyprus Lake

Vermont: In Photos

I just returned from the bucolic land also known as Vermont. It's a beauty. See why below. The sunset shots are from the sky somewhere between Montreal and Toronto. Click on the below photos to expand in viewer.