Excuse me, I give a shit

Now, let's not get upset by my unwieldy title. But I got your attention, didn't I? Let me lay it out. I'm constantly struck by our—as in, Western society's—bullshit apathy. I say bullshit, because it's acceptable to not give a shit. There's no weight put behind an iota of caring. Read the news? Fuck that. Care about … Continue reading Excuse me, I give a shit

You Call that News?

When the world gets figuratively smacked up, sometimes it’s easier to turn a shoulder. It’s something I’ve been musing about for years now. With scandals occurring, well, daily, from Rupert Murdoch’s disastrous attempt at upholding journalistic standards with his papers and FOX News to Anthony Weiner being, cough, inappropriate at best, I’m just hearing about … Continue reading You Call that News?