My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)

Quickly apparent on this website, I like photography. Adore even. Maybe not quite as apparent, but I also enjoy Instagram. (Who doesn't?) Anyway, here's a collection of some of my favourite shots as of late from all over the place. There's no common thread with location, style or perspective for any of these shots, save for Instagram … Continue reading My Favourite Instagram Shots (Lately)

The Beauty of NYC

I just came across these shots of Times Square from our trip in the summer. Its one of those instances in that these shots immediately transfer me back to the moment they were taken. A flood of savoury memories. That inexplicable glee. That sense of odd wonder standing there in the middle of this lunacy. … Continue reading The Beauty of NYC

New York City via Instagram

A look at New York City through the lens of Instagram. As easy as that. Click on a photo to open in lightbox. Enjoy. To see more of my photos on the ever-so-addictive Instagram, go here.


People like photos. I like photos. New York is photogenic. So more photos! Click to expand on any of the photos in the viewer.


Me lady and I just returned from a vacation in Brooklyn. Here's what I'll say about it: Brooklyn is impossibly awesome. Everything, as in bars and restaurants, might look like shite from their exteriors, but inside—good god. All beautiful and unique. We stayed in Bed-Stuy, which is a rough area and where Jay-Z was raised, … Continue reading BROOKLYN in PHOTOS