Spring in the City / Cherry Blossoms

Love this time of year. It's become a ritual to go and shoot the Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura, every Spring in High Park with the rest of the city. Mixed it up a little bit this year. Here's what I saw.

Project Capture the CN Tower

A year and a half ago I published a widely viewed piece on my various captures of the CN Tower. It was even Freshly Pressed by WordPress. I have an update on that. Lots more shots that I've been taking from various angles and parts of the city capturing the CN Tower with Instagram. Click … Continue reading Project Capture the CN Tower

PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

Living in downtown Toronto comes with its perks, indeed. One of those advantages is having solid vantage points for shooting Toronto's iconic phallic symbol: the CN Tower. Over the past couple years, only using my iPhone and some Instagram filters, I have been taking various shots of the CN Tower, much to the chagrin of some of … Continue reading PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters