Ashley + Jeremy’s Wedding Day

Shooting a close friend's wedding is both an honour and a stress. Of course you want to help them out, but you also don't want to screw it up. It is a big day after all. Jeremy and I have been close buds since grade school. He's a kind and compassionate soul. Always has been. … Continue reading Ashley + Jeremy’s Wedding Day


Some of my favourite photos via Instagram filters in the last couple months, because why the hell not? Enjoy!—RYAN BOLTON

Cliffjumping in Tobermory

An Adventure in Tobermory

This past weekend, we returned to Tobermory to continue the camping tradition we started last year.  And like last year, there was ample beautiful scenery—Cyprus Lake is a real Ontario gem—some cliff jumping, a couple beers and some hiking. Here are a couple captures from the weekend camping trip in Tobermory. Enjoy! —RYAN BOLTON

Best Photos of 2012

It's been a fantastic fucking year. Truly has. And although I had my camera (and all my photos) stolen in Ecuador in March, it was a great year to bring the camera along. Here are some of my favourite shots from the past year, including trips to New York City, Boston, Vermont and Montreal. Anyway, … Continue reading Best Photos of 2012

Vermont: In Photos

I just returned from the bucolic land also known as Vermont. It's a beauty. See why below. The sunset shots are from the sky somewhere between Montreal and Toronto. Click on the below photos to expand in viewer.


People like photos. I like photos. New York is photogenic. So more photos! Click to expand on any of the photos in the viewer.


Me lady and I just returned from a vacation in Brooklyn. Here's what I'll say about it: Brooklyn is impossibly awesome. Everything, as in bars and restaurants, might look like shite from their exteriors, but inside—good god. All beautiful and unique. We stayed in Bed-Stuy, which is a rough area and where Jay-Z was raised, … Continue reading BROOKLYN in PHOTOS

Towers. Trees. Windmills.

Instagram seems to have taken over my life. Being able to capture everyday photos and put them through this little beautifying machine makes me all smiley-faced. Here are some shots that I've taken with my iPhone and made somewhat-presentable with Instagram, my new best friend. It's actually an app that I use, unlike a majority … Continue reading Towers. Trees. Windmills.

Photos Made Pretty: There’s an App for That

Everyone is a photographer these days. And that's OK. It just means that the true stars (that would be the pros) stand out that much more. But then an app comes along and makes shitty photos look, well, half-decent. And there's more than one app. Instagram, the guy that I use for all the below … Continue reading Photos Made Pretty: There’s an App for That