The Looming Doom for Occupy Movement

“It’s time we did something about it,” Toronto Deputy Mayor, Doug Holyday said today, of the Occupy Toronto settlement. In other words, shit is about to hit the fan. There has been somewhat of a stasis with the Occupy movement as of late. It’s still there, but nothing is really happening that is garnering media attention, … Continue reading The Looming Doom for Occupy Movement

G20: A Year Later Solution

It has been one year since Toronto's day of shit (aka. the G20). While I was there reporting on the full week, the day of protests was, as I argued then and hold to today, despicable on both the police's ineptitude and the black bloc's feverish cowardice. Upset and dumbfounded, I wrote this half-serious, half-snarky … Continue reading G20: A Year Later Solution