Hayley + Jamie Are Getting Hitched!

Every time someone commissions me to take a photo, I'm honoured. It means something—to trust someone and their art. And when it's your sister asking, you really can't fuck it up. Hayley, forever my baby sister, is getting married to one helluva great guy, Jamie. They're fantastic. And they asked me to shoot their engagement … Continue reading Hayley + Jamie Are Getting Hitched!

Inside the Crows Nest: A Photo Essay

There's an undeniable bond between a man and his barber. It's part trust. Part appreciation. But my love for Crows Nest Barber Shop in Toronto runs a lot deeper. I've been profiling Toronto's best barbershops with blogTO for the past few years now. Crows Nest always stood out from the first time I met them in … Continue reading Inside the Crows Nest: A Photo Essay

Smoking with Kiana

Kiana and I have been wanting to work together for a while now. After a good five months of discussion and planning, we were able to make it work. A purely creative piece for the both of us, we did as we wanted for locations, styling and direction. So we went out in -5 degree … Continue reading Smoking with Kiana

A Portrait of 2015: Friends, Bandits and Rock Stars

It's become a tradition. For the last few years I've posted my favourite portraits of that respective year. Like 2014. And 2013. This year got gnarly. To be paid for photo gigs now was the biggest difference of 2015. As the teens say, blessed. But seriously, I fucking love to shoot. Here are some of … Continue reading A Portrait of 2015: Friends, Bandits and Rock Stars

A Portrait of 2014

I shoot thousands of photos every year now. And I fucking love it. One of my favourite parts is shooting portraits. Especially of my friends and family. Candid or not. Drunk or not. I put together a catalogue of some of my favourite portraits last year. I'm happy with the outcome, so I'm going to … Continue reading A Portrait of 2014

Mowbray and his Hat

My Friends + Family

I wanted to mix things up a bit. As such, here are some of my favourite portraits of my closest friends and family over the past year. They're all beauts. Cheers to you all, friends. —RYAN BOLTON