A Portrait of 2014

I shoot thousands of photos every year now. And I fucking love it. One of my favourite parts is shooting portraits. Especially of my friends and family. Candid or not. Drunk or not. I put together a catalogue of some of my favourite portraits last year. I'm happy with the outcome, so I'm going to … Continue reading A Portrait of 2014

Zombie Boy 4

Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

I was in Montreal last weekend. Just a little getaway. I always have a good time in Montreal, and this time was no exception. The city was alive. And on the Saturday, there was a massive downtown street sale in which traffic was cordoned off and shoppers roamed the streets en masse. It was hectic. As I got to a … Continue reading Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

Ashley + Jeremy’s Wedding Day

Shooting a close friend's wedding is both an honour and a stress. Of course you want to help them out, but you also don't want to screw it up. It is a big day after all. Jeremy and I have been close buds since grade school. He's a kind and compassionate soul. Always has been. … Continue reading Ashley + Jeremy’s Wedding Day

Beth + Eric’s Big, Beautiful Wedding

Being a part of a wedding is always a big deal. Especially so when you've known the bride since she was 5 and you called her Squirt. I was honoured to photograph Eric and Beth's big day. And what a day for a beautiful couple. Click on any photo to expand. Congratulations, Beth and Eric! … Continue reading Beth + Eric’s Big, Beautiful Wedding

Cool Flower Toronto

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Petals

Alliteration is best. So are flowers for shooting subjects. Here are a collection of photos that I've shot this spring of, well, flowers. Real men photograph plants. Enjoy!

Ghana Kids 9

The Kids of Asemkow

The kids in Ghana are full of life. In all of my travels, they are some of the most happiest, proud and beautiful kids I've ever met. And they love to have their photos taken as you will quickly see. I just returned from a 2 week stint photographing with Me to We in small … Continue reading The Kids of Asemkow

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 6

Vault Sessions: The Darcys

I had the pleasure of shooting Toronto's The Darcys a couple weeks back. They were doing an intimate plugged-in session for JUNO TV's Vault Sessions. The sound was terrific, especially on the track "The River." Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of Jason Couse, the band's lead singer in the "vault."

Faces of Ghana 7

The Faces of Ghana

I'm returning to Ghana after being there nearly seven years ago. It was my first trip to Africa. Hell, that was my first time leaving North America. Since then, I've been around the world—China, Ecuador, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, etc. I'm going back this time as a photographer for Me to We, and couldn't be more thrilled. … Continue reading The Faces of Ghana

Josh at Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Bokeh

Just got a new lens, the Canon 85mm. She's a beauty for bokeh. And what a better way to test her out but night boarding at Blue Mountain. Take a peek.

Sunset and palm trees

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

We just returned from an epic adventure in Mexico for our best friend's wedding. With 60 of our closest friends all going down to take part in the beachside celebration, there are too many stories to tell. Here are a few shots from around Manzanillo, Colima and Comala, Mexico. More photos to come of the … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Mexico