Wedding Day Photography at Palais Royale, Toronto (Ryan Bolton)

Paradise Found: Beautiful Floral Art Deco Wedding at Palais Royale

Wedding photography Toronto at Palais Royale 2019. Some days just have it, and so was the case with Caroline + Vince's sunshine-filled wedding day at Palais Royale in Toronto. Like usual, I'll let the photographs do most of the talking. BUT these two, Vince and Caroline, are ThunderCats, professionally and personally. And, they're gorgeous. Quick shoutout to Becca Lemire on second camera and assisting this one, shoutout to Palais Royale, shoutout to Caroline + Vince, and shoutout to knockout wedding days like this one. Take your time and really indulge in the outta-this-world beauty of this wedding day.

The Wedding of the Year: Casey + Karla’s Handmade Country Fairytale

Casey is like a little brother to me. The little brother that was always more naturally cool, and talented. When he and Karla, AN ACTUAL PRINCESS (LOOK IT UP), asked me and Kathryn to photograph their wedding day, we literally moved both our schedules around to make it work. Because, well, let me show you. This is all captured on Casey + Karla's property, all hand built by Casey and the buds. This is the real deal. So much love for you both and your wedding of the year.

Exploring Egypt: From the Pyramids of Giza to Floating Down the Nile on a Felucca

I've truly traveled the world as a photographer for Intrepid Travel now, from Sri Lanka to Iceland to Morocco to South Africa to Thailand and Vietnam, from Across America and now to Egypt. But this one was different. We were working on capturing the essence of Egypt, how tourism left the country almost overnight during the Arab Spring back in 2011. From sleeping at a homestay to floating down the Nile on our trusty felucca to seeing the Great Pyramids to exploring the ruins of Luxor's ancient temples, this was an epic one.

From the Gladstone to Crashing a Festival, The Wedding of Peter + Sofia

Toronto Wedding at Gladstone Hotel + Analogue Gallery + Nuit Restaurant. Photography by Ryan Bolton.

Inside Cambodia: A Photo Adventure From Angkor Wat to the Countryside

There was so much to see from crowded tuk-tuk rides in the Phnom Penh to the crystal clear beaches of Sihanoukville to the tourist go-to and exploring Angkor Wat at sunrise. That was unbelievable. Then there was the lush countryside with warm locals and hidden waterfalls. Cambodia has it all.

The Comeback: Portraits with the Legend Karen Nudi

A photo shoot with model Karen Nudi in Toronto, ON. Rock and roll!

Friday the 13th at Berkeley Church: Jordan + Ash Wedding Day

Wedding photograph downtown Toronto this past Friday the 13th, in October. Location was the beloved once-church-now-venue Berkeley Church on Queen West.

Meredith + Sean’s Downtown Toronto Wedding: Broadview Hotel + District 28

The photo story of Sean and Meredith's wedding in downtown Toronto at Broadview Hotel and District 28.

Photo Essay: Sleeping in Caves, Hiking Through the Atlas Mountains + Living with a Nomadic Berber Tribe

Hiking through Morocco's Atlas Mountains with a nomadic Berber family and all their goats, sheep, mules and camels in tow as we venture on their annual tradition. It was humbling.

A Big, Bright Barn Wedding for the Ages: Saane + Malcolm’s Wedding Day

From day one, I loved just hanging out with Saane + Malcolm. Their warmth—together—is infectious. Their deep caring for one another. And how they love to make each other laugh. Saane & Malcom's wedding is easily the biggest we've ever photographed. 200 guests. A bridal party of 20. I couldn't do this wedding justice with … Continue reading A Big, Bright Barn Wedding for the Ages: Saane + Malcolm’s Wedding Day