Cliffjumping in Tobermory

An Adventure in Tobermory

This past weekend, we returned to Tobermory to continue the camping tradition we started last year.  And like last year, there was ample beautiful scenery—Cyprus Lake is a real Ontario gem—some cliff jumping, a couple beers and some hiking. Here are a couple captures from the weekend camping trip in Tobermory. Enjoy! —RYAN BOLTON

The Barista Profiles

I've quite enjoyed my latest set of profile pieces with blogTO. They aren't celebrities, musicians, politicians or quote-unquote big wigs. They're baristas. Getting a chance to know some of the city's top espresso slingers has been both enlightening and insightful. Everyone has a story and baristas seem to have some of the best ones. But … Continue reading The Barista Profiles

Inspirational Ink

Humber College. They have fine students. They, for some profoundly misled reason, did a 2-minute video profile, Inspirational Ink, on yours truly about, well, what I do. Write—and create shit. Anyway, I'm blessed and thankful. Here's their attempt at making me look like I sorta have shit figured out—a massive feat, needless to say. See … Continue reading Inspirational Ink