Why Rob Ford Needs To Step Down

by RYAN BOLTON I tried to hold off on writing about Rob Ford during this ongoing clusterfuck. Truthfully, I did. But enough is enough. The crack-puffing-often-in-a-drunken-stupor-mayor situation started off completely batshit, which led to embarrassing and has entered its final stages of being downright sad and abject. To add to the chorus, Rob Ford needs … Continue reading Why Rob Ford Needs To Step Down

You Call that News?

When the world gets figuratively smacked up, sometimes it’s easier to turn a shoulder. It’s something I’ve been musing about for years now. With scandals occurring, well, daily, from Rupert Murdoch’s disastrous attempt at upholding journalistic standards with his papers and FOX News to Anthony Weiner being, cough, inappropriate at best, I’m just hearing about … Continue reading You Call that News?

re: Rob Ford Not Attending Pride

Toronto’s mayor—the man that represents this city, nominally at least—isn’t attending Pride Parade. It’s the talk of the city, I know, but allow me to just express a thought. Like usual, let’s get the facts straight first. Rob Ford has a long tradition of going to his cottage during the Canada Day weekend. It’s important … Continue reading re: Rob Ford Not Attending Pride