How Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer

In early May of 2011, I posted my first photo to Instagram. It was a shot of my then-girlfriend-now-wife, sun-drenched, waiting for the streetcar. In truth, a typical shot for any Torontonian waiting for the lacklustre TTC. That photo hasn't received any likes. I'm not sure how many people followed me at that point. Probably null, … Continue reading How Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer

The Generation of Me

Here's a piece I wrote a couple years back, but still resonates methinks. We are currently weathering an epidemic. Sure, we have the recession. And yeah, AIDS is still horrifically pervasive. But I’m talking about you, me, her, them. Us. Also known, let’s call it, as the Generation of Me. I’m not going to barrage … Continue reading The Generation of Me