The Streets of Toronto in Photos

Back at it. Here's a collection of some of my favourite street shots in Toronto as of late. As always, follow me on Instagram to see the shots as they happen. All photos under copyright to Ryan Bolton. If you'd like to purchase a print, I'd be humbled. Please contact me here.

Toronto, My Dearest: A Photo Essay

Anyone that follows my photography, knows that Toronto is my muse. Here's another collection of shots I've taken all over The Six lately.

Eriksen Photoshoot

My buddy Erik Jorgensen can write one hell of a song. He's also got dreamy hair. And his band, Eriksen, have a slew of new gigs coming up. They asked me to grab some shots. So we wandered around Toronto chasing light, having a whiskey or two and snapping the following shots. Give this song … Continue reading Eriksen Photoshoot

Toronto x The Skyline

I've been working on a project of shooting the CN Tower from all over the city. A couple times. Recently, I went out to just grab a couple traditional skyline shots of Toronto. These are the result. See more of my photography here.

Toronto x Night

I was finally able to get my paws on a Canon 5D Mark ii. Beyond pumped. Here are some of my first shots using it. Back out onto the streets shooting from Front and Bathurst area in Toronto. Lots of open exposure around 8-10 seconds. Cheers.

Shooting Toronto’s Flatiron at Night

Cold as balls. Check. Late at night. Check. Lots of snow to make setting up a tripod a challenge. Check. Every time I drive pass Toronto's flatiron building—known as the Gooderham Building (1892), which is actually older than New York's flatiron—I want to jump out and grab a shot. Instead, I waited until it was -10 … Continue reading Shooting Toronto’s Flatiron at Night

Faces From Around the World

I've been blessed to meet people from around the world. China. Kenya. Mexico. All the hell over Canada. Cuba. Ghana. Ecuador. Here are some candid portraits I've taken of the people I've met on my travels. So far.

A Portrait of 2014

I shoot thousands of photos every year now. And I fucking love it. One of my favourite parts is shooting portraits. Especially of my friends and family. Candid or not. Drunk or not. I put together a catalogue of some of my favourite portraits last year. I'm happy with the outcome, so I'm going to … Continue reading A Portrait of 2014

Project Capture the CN Tower

A year and a half ago I published a widely viewed piece on my various captures of the CN Tower. It was even Freshly Pressed by WordPress. I have an update on that. Lots more shots that I've been taking from various angles and parts of the city capturing the CN Tower with Instagram. Click … Continue reading Project Capture the CN Tower

Mont Royal in Montreal

A Walk Around Montreal

Following our wedding, Kate and I escaped to one of our favourite cities: Montreal. We saw concerts, ate at the legendary Schwartz's, drank at weird bars, ate delicious tacos, and stayed in this 1840's loft in Old Montreal. Here's a snapshot of our time there.