Zombie Boy 4

Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

I was in Montreal last weekend. Just a little getaway. I always have a good time in Montreal, and this time was no exception. The city was alive. And on the Saturday, there was a massive downtown street sale in which traffic was cordoned off and shoppers roamed the streets en masse. It was hectic. As I got to a … Continue reading Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

#Summerfolk 10


Some miscellaneous shots from the weekend camping at Summerfolk Festival. A little snapshot to capture an event, minus the music. —RYAN BOLTON

Playing with the Boys

Just returned from a camping trip with my best friend to Grand Bend. To be succinct: I fucking love that place. Wicked beach town, a place we haven't been to for about 7 years. Anyway, we brought the dogs with us—Ollie and Tucker—and put our feet up. Here, a couple snaps in between sipping Havana … Continue reading Playing with the Boys