Exploring Egypt: From the Pyramids of Giza to Floating Down the Nile on a Felucca

I've truly traveled the world as a photographer for Intrepid Travel now, from Sri Lanka to Iceland to Morocco to South Africa to Thailand and Vietnam, from Across America and now to Egypt. But this one was different. We were working on capturing the essence of Egypt, how tourism left the country almost overnight during the Arab Spring back in 2011. From sleeping at a homestay to floating down the Nile on our trusty felucca to seeing the Great Pyramids to exploring the ruins of Luxor's ancient temples, this was an epic one.

Hunting Waterfalls and Shooting Long Exposures in Iceland

I did the Golden Circle tour with my mates at Intrepid Travel (you can see my pics on the website). We started out in the capital of Reykavik before venturing out to the Golden Circle—Thingevellir National Park, Strokkur Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfall. From there we hit the breathtaking Skógafoss waterfall and onto a definite trip highlight at the glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón.

The Art of Disconnecting: Deep Learnings From a Moroccan Mountain Expedition

As I look down at my phone right now, I have four emails. There’s three new messages via Facebook Messenger. There’s 45 Instagram notifications. Three for Twitter. One missed call and a voicemail. There are 16 unread text messages. When I was in the middle of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco in October, my … Continue reading The Art of Disconnecting: Deep Learnings From a Moroccan Mountain Expedition

Paradise Found: 42 of My Favourite Photos from Thailand’s “Holy-Shit!” Beaches

This is Krabi, Thailand. Well, it's a snipped of the countless paradise islands like Phi Phi Island, Hong Bay, Ko Phi Don and others, popularized in the late '90s with millennials via Alex Garland's terrific The Beach, starring one Leo DiCaprio. It's now a hotbed for the world's gap-year students seeking an adventure in a teal-coloured ocean. I don't blame them. It doesn't get much more beautiful than this.

Marrakech Medina in Morocco

Magic of Marrakech: A Photographic Journey Through Morocco’s Medina

Come on adventure with me into Morocco’s mysterious Marrakech. There’s a deep sense of history that you can taste. It’s vivid. The whole city mesmerizes with its deep beauty and hints of secrets around every corner and bend as the Medina snakes in and out of the souks.

Fear and Loving: A Journey Through the Desert to Salvation Mountain & Joshua Tree

California has been a dream since I was a kid. The funny thing is I ended up going to Africa four times and seeing the world twice over before getting to Cali. Well, it happened. Kathryn and I made the trek out in early July to Los Angeles, which was cool, but the goal was … Continue reading Fear and Loving: A Journey Through the Desert to Salvation Mountain & Joshua Tree

Hideaway Beach Wedding in Mexico with Kevin + Sandra

I'm not even sure where to start with this one. Being sent to beautiful Mexico to photograph a close friend's wedding along with a party of awesome friends is a blessing. Add in a week-long of love, exploration (I'll have to do another blog on the deep sea fishing), street tacos, beach volleyball and the … Continue reading Hideaway Beach Wedding in Mexico with Kevin + Sandra

Sri Lanka Train Photograph Ryan Bolton

Sri Lankan Odyssey: Photographs into a Far-off, Island Paradise

The dream was to be paid to travel the world. I was 21, in Ghana at the time, when I made the promise to myself. To photograph and explore distant lands. To capture moments in new cultures. Idyllic landscapes. That opportunity now humbles me. I was recently sent to Sri Lanka to capture the life of … Continue reading Sri Lankan Odyssey: Photographs into a Far-off, Island Paradise

A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

About a month ago, I spent 4 days in 4 provinces. It was wild. And awesome. I was on a work shoot to give away huge prize bundles to couples that had won regional prizes in Canada's Luckiest Baby. You can watch how we made some people very happy before the holidays. I helped film … Continue reading A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

The Streets of Toronto in Photos

Back at it. Here's a collection of some of my favourite street shots in Toronto as of late. As always, follow me on Instagram to see the shots as they happen. All photos under copyright to Ryan Bolton. If you'd like to purchase a print, I'd be humbled. Please contact me here.