The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

A new piece just published in Chill magazine. If you’re reading this at work, it’s best you take a deep breath and maybe go for a walk. Otherwise, life might become temporarily frustrating. We present to you the coolest workplaces on Earth. (Seriously, you should probably leave your cubicle right now and find a place … Continue reading The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

The Generation of Me

Here's a piece I wrote a couple years back, but still resonates methinks. We are currently weathering an epidemic. Sure, we have the recession. And yeah, AIDS is still horrifically pervasive. But I’m talking about you, me, her, them. Us. Also known, let’s call it, as the Generation of Me. I’m not going to barrage … Continue reading The Generation of Me

Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer

by RYAN BOLTON I am pretty much at a loss at this point. And so are you, I infer. There are numerous factors at play here: 1) exhaustion 2) confusion 3) a lack of focus 4) more of the same 5) hashtag fail. Common elements in many an election, sure, but this one in particular. … Continue reading Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer

Editor’s Letter: Car Accident

I was just in a car accident. The grey sky overhead was unleashing a soothing drizzle on my car’s windshield. I was in stop-and-go traffic on the ever-so-congested Gardiner Expressway coming from work. You know, move three feet, stop, yawn, move two feet. I was battling my wily eyelids when I awoke to the crunching sound of my car’s front end. Jay-sus. But it was OK; I still made it to my destination on time. The destination being this issue’s editorial meeting.